Truly Comprehensive CPA Accounting Services

Buwe & Associates prides itself on being able to provide for the financial management needs of all of our Washington DC area clients. The depth of our CPA's knowledge and expertise gives us the capability to provide the full-spectrum of accounting services to organizations both large and small. Give us call today to find out how our CPA's can help your business succeed and protect the financial health of your family.

Financial Auditing

Buwe & Associates financial auditing services are designed to offer the highest level of information assurance. Our highly-detailed audits involve the rigorous examination of all your financial statements. Our CPA's will verify down to the last dollar and cent that your financial reports are free of material misstatements. Their certification of your records as error-free will be presented to you in a detailed written statement, giving you unequalled confidence and peace of mind.

Financial Reviews

Through in-depth discussion with your management and a review of your financial statements, we provide you with an analysis of your financial statements and limited assurance.

Complete Tax Services

Our experts can prepare your tax returns, whether you are an individual or a business. Our goal is to reduce your tax liability and maximize your cash flow. We can even work with you year-round, if necessary to achieve this goal.

Back Office Accounting Support

A unique service we provide is "back office" accounting. Here is how it works and benefits you:

  • Weekly or monthly account reconciliations and adjustments at your location with flexible days and hours
  • Reduces your day-to-day accounting costs by up to 50%
  • Saves time and money on tax returns because we will already be familiar with your accounts
  • Saves on costs for reviews and audits because the upfront work will already be completed
  • At all times you are in control, there is no long-term contract and you decide the projects you want us to work on

Management Consulting Services

Expert advice and guidance is given to help improve business operations, boost performance and efficiency and increase your bottom line. For a free initial consultation Contact Us and we'll set up an appointment to speak with you.


Ensuring that your records are maintained, both accurately and timely, is a critical success factor for businesses and individuals. But bookkeeping can also be complicated and time-consuming. At Buwe & Associates, LLC, we handle the bookkeeping process so you can focus on running your business!

Financial Planning and Investment

As trusted advisors, we understand the importance of our client's needs, both now and in the future. At Buwe & Associates, LLC our aim is to help you reach your financial goals for the future by providing you with expert guidance today. Contact Us for your financial planning needs because it's never too early to start planning for retirement.

Real Estate and Business Sales

Whether you are purchasing or selling, or preparing for a merger or acquisition, we can help! The real estate world can be confusing, making you feel like you are finding your way through a maze, especially during these current economic times. Our consultants focus on the representation of individuals and organizations during the buying and selling process. Allow Buwe & Associates, LLC to represent you for all your real estate needs.

Call now to speak with a CPA and receive a no cost initial consultation.