Electronic filing offers a faster refund than paper filing. Refunds are usually mailed within three weeks, but direct deposits into your bank account are even quicker. You simply authorize a direct deposit by supplying your bank account routing number. Other benefits of e-filing include:

  • Minimal Paper
  • Fewer IRS errors
  • No additional cost
  • Proof of Filing - The taxpayer gets a proof of filing letter and tracking number, which is not available via mail or courier.
  • Timely filing. Can't get lost in the mail.
  • Security. Less chance of identity theft.
  • Faster refund processing.
  • Payment by check or direct deposit.

For complex returns, all your data goes into the system. With paper returns, the IRS doesn't keep your detailed supporting schedules. With paper, the IRS depends more on the taxpayer for record keeping.

IRS verification of the return. The taxpayer gets notified right away if there is a problem rather than waiting months for an IRS notice and then a lot more paperwork to correct the problem.

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